The Abrahamic Covenant

Because of Abraham’s great faith, God gave him many assurances concerning the future. These centered upon the promise of a “seed,” through which “all families of the earth” would be blessed.—Acts 7:2-4; Gen. 11:10-26; 12:1-7; 13:15-17; 15:5; 17:1-7

In Abraham’s mind, the birth of his promised son, Isaac, perhaps meant the start of the fulfillment of all God’s promises which had been given, and that soon all mankind would in deed be blessed. (Gen. 21) However, God’s plan for man’s blessing did not culminate with the birth of Isaac. Later, when Isaac was a young man, God instructed Abraham to take “thine only son Isaac,” and offer him in sacrifice on Mount Moriah. Once again, in faith, Abraham obeyed. God, however, stopped him from carrying out the act of slaying his son, and provided in his place a ram, or male sheep, to be offered in Isaac’s stead.—Gen. 22:1-14

Because of his obedience in being willing to offer up Isaac in sacrifice, God reiterated his covenant promise to Abraham, saying that in his seed all nations of the earth would be blessed. This time, however, he swore it to Abraham with an oath.—vss. 15-18

In the New Testament, we are informed that these events of Abraham’s life, including the covenant of promise made with him, pointed forward to something far grander in God’s plan. Paul explains that the “seed” through whom blessings would flow to mankind was actually Christ, and those who belong to him. These, Paul says, are “heirs according to the promise” originally made to Abraham. (Gal. 3:16,29) Commenting on the oath sworn by God to Abraham, Paul further indicates that it was a foregleam of God’s immutability concerning his promises to the true seed, Christ and his Church, the Melchisedec priesthood, which will bless all the families of the earth in God’s coming kingdom.—Heb. 6:13-20

Thus, the Abrahamic Covenant, given only by promise so long ago to Father Abraham, is the ultimate means by which all creation will be brought back into harmony with God, by obedience to his righteous kingdom laws. By this arrangement, through the seed of Christ, all mankind will gain the opportunity to receive the blessings of perfect, eternal life upon the earth.—Gal. 3:8,14; Rom. 15:8-12; Rev. 21:1-5